The truffles
The truffle is a subterranean fungus that lives in symbiosis with the roots of trees. It resembles a tuber and has an internal fleshy part or pulp (“gleba”) and rind (“periudum”). Truffles contain a high percentage of water, fibres and mineral salts absorbed from the soil through the roots of the tree with which they live in mutually beneficial association. The trees that accept this “co-existence” with their roots more readily are the poplar, lime, oak, and willow. The colour, flavour and odour of the truffles are determined by the specific characteristics of each tree. For example, truffles that grow close to oak trees have a more penetrating odour while those found close to limes will be lighter in colour and more fragrant. The shape of the truffle depends on the type of soil. If the ground is soft, the truffle will be smooth and round whereas if the soil is compact, the truffle will be lumpy and knotty as it encounters greater difficulty in finding space for growth. Although the conditions of the soil may be excellent as regards pH and humidity and the tree potentially suitable for the growth of truffes, not all trees are able promote their development. Truffle growers have been studying this particular phenomenon for many years with a view to the future production of truffles in woodland under the direct control of man and not tied simply to chance. This research has already produced satisfactory results as regards certain types of truffles (e.g. cultivation of the highly-valued black truffle) but, unfortunately, achievement of similar results in the production of the white truffle still remains a long way off. For the moment, it has been ascertained that these require soil with large pores with high level oxygenation, rich in calcium and with a good level of humidity also in the Summer period. However, even if these particular conditions are present, good results are not always achieved. Research continues but, for the moment, this precious fruit of the earth continues to be a fascinating jewel wrapped in an aura of magic. This state of affairs may continue for some time but we can still continue to enjoy the truffle and appreciate it as nature has created it.

Porcini mushroom and truffle cream

White truffle perfumed olive oil

Sundried tomatoes pesto with truffles
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