The mostarda it is obtained using thinly slicef fruit or vegetables. It is left to candy for a few days in a syrup made of sugar and water. After this, it is flavoured with mustard essence.
It is an essential ingredient for pumpkin “tortelli” but it is also eaten with boiled or roast meats; it is also excellent with strongly flavoured cheeses.

Quince apple mustard
Serving suggestion: Grana padano cheese, ripe pecorino cheese.

Pumpkin Mustard
Serving suggestion: Goat's cheese, Prague-style ham, fossa cheese.

White watermelon mustard
Serving suggestion: Savoury and ripe cheese sorts, sausages.

Scents of the garden
Onion jam
Serving suggestion: smoked salmon

Pumpkin jam
Serving suggestion: breakfast.