All our extravirgin olive oils are cold pressed, organic and 100% natural

Antonio Pettinicchi's extra virgin olive oil
The health and nutritional properties of this oil are by now a well known scientific fact, and also its bein especially suitable in the diet of young children, due to the acidic content which is similar to that of breast milk. Not to mention its role in the prevention of cardiovasculare illness, arteriosclerosis, bone decay, some types of tumours and diseases relating to the digestive system. It is much easier to digest than other oils and animal fats. Rich in Vitamin E.It also resists much better at high temperatures (it “smokes” at 280° compared with 140°/220° limits of other oils), which it is advised also for use as a cooking and frying agent and not only as a condiment. The olive oil produced by Antonio Pettinicchi is a natural product of very high quality, obtained from wholesome olives, hand picked only when suitably ripe. They are grown on the Lucito hills at an altitude of 300-500 m above sea level, far from any possible source of pollution. The olives are ground before the day is out using stone millstones and they are pressed while still cold. The resulting oil, left in the dark at a temperature of no more than 18°, preserves all the natural features of the olives: the fruity taste, the mellow flavour, the golden colour with strong tints of green and an almondy aftertaste lending it a certain sweet, soft and graceful quality. 100% NATURAL. NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Casale Macchia Tommaso
A natural product free of additives, obtained from first cold pressure of handgathered olives, grown away from foul belts.
Locality: hills and dales around Lucito (Molise). Elevation: 300-400 meters above sea level.
Extraction: grindstone, cold press. Preserved in the dark, at 18°. Tasting: extra-virgin olive oil, free from defects the product of justly ripe and sound olives.
Assessment: extra-virgin olive oil of top quality.
The Oleaster

The oleaster (wild olive) has been cultivated for centuries. It resist frost and bears a small dark fruit from which a golden green oil with an extraordinary pleasant taste is obtained, well known for its fragrance and for being very easy to digest. Having just the right amount of unsatured acid fats (anti-arteriosclerosis effect), poly unsatured acids such as linoleic and linolenic acids and vitamin E (necessary in the synthesis of prostaglandins and phospholipids in the body) or monosaturate acids such as oleic acid (digestive functions) make it particularly valuable from health and nutrition points of view

La Ramignana

This variety is typical of Molise. It resistant the cold. The olive is small to medium in size, it yields a fairly prestigious oil. Oil is defined ...Harmonious: it is said of a complete oil with no predominant traces or flavours, and which is evident as soon as one tastes it. It is the best quality

Aromatic oils

The aromatic oils produced by Antonio Pettinicchi preserve all the qualities of his original extra virgin olive oil with the addition of natural fruits and herbs during the grinding process to produce a series of delicately flavoured oils suitable to season a variety of dishes: with LEMON: for saads, fish, seafood, with
CHILLI PEPPER: for spaghetti, boiled pulses, salads, with
BASIL: for pasta and salads, with
GARLIC: for pasta, salads, roast meat and cooked vegetables, with
ROSEMARY: for frying / ovenbaking or grilling white and red meats.

Earthenwarejards of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Red Wine Vinegars


The ideal combination to give or receive as a gift. The best quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the perfect partner: real Red Wine Vinegar. They come in elegant baby earthenware jars that will be a constant feature on the dining table to dress salads, boiled meats, potatoes ecc. The terracotta containers that they come in are also an ideal recipient to heat and keep warm dressing and sauces.