The Preserves and Sauces del Casale Macchia Tommaso
Tomato Pulp- Chopped Tomatoes - Dried Tomatoes - Peperonata - Vegetable Sauce - Olive Paste - Eggplants in olive oil - Eggplant sauce - minced hot peppers
Antonio Pettinicchi prepares the above products using only the age-old trusted traditions and recipes of the Mediterranean cuisine. Genuine ingredients are carefully cultivated and picked when ripe from the farmhouse’s very own fields, with only the addition of salt and extra virgin olive oil as preservatives, along with wine vinegar. They are an invaluable way of adding flavour and can be served with any type of dish.

Chopped Tomatoes and Purée

Truffles and porcini mushroom cream

Sundried tomatoes Pesto with truffles


Olive Paste

Eggplant Sauce

Eggplants in olive oil

Table olives

Sundried tomatoes in olive oil
Other products :

Minced hot peppers
Veggie sauce